Sunday, April 30, 2006

United 93

I saw United 93 tonight, and I agree with a lot of Jackie's thoughts on the film.

I also saw the A&E version that came out earlier this year and teared up during several scenes, so I think I was somewhat overprepared to experience those same emotions tonight.

But this movie was different than I expected.

This felt a little more like a documentary about a day than a story about people. Many of the most well-known details (Todd Beamer's "let's roll", for example) are not emphasized, but simply included in the unfolding of events. Nothing is overstated.

I was also surprised at how much of the first half was spent focusing on the air traffic control personnel, many of whom actually played themselves. Can you imagine going through that day at that job and then re-living it? Must have been so hard, yet so therapeutic.

To say that I 'liked' this film would be inaccurate...did you 'like' Schindler's List? But I'm not sure I could respect the direction of Paul Greengrass any more than I do. He did a fantastic job sticking to reality, without trying to sensationalize the situation (more so than it already was), manipulate emotions, or insert a political agenda.


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