Saturday, March 11, 2006

March 11

The memorial service.

Laurie Boncimino's memorial service.

Previous to March 11, 2005, the last funeral I had attended was for Ryan Kaatz, a great guy I'd known through Student Impact who struggled with health problems his entire life.

That was the last time I'd been in Willow's chapel. And who did I sit with at Ryan's funeral? That's right...Laurie Boncimino.

And I thought that day was bad...

What happened a year ago still feels like a nightmare.

I got through the service ok. There were definitely some moments that were incredibly hard (Aaron singing "Jesus we are still in love with you", the video, Jarrett crying) but overall I felt like I kept some degree of strength.

And then we had to walk the casket out.

Myself and the rest of the pallbearers led Laurie's casket out of the chapel, through the lobby, and into the hearse. An excruciating three minute journey that I'll never forget.

But the hardest moment of the whole day was putting my friend into the hearse while her family watched and wailed. This was it. Once that hearse drove away, we'd never see Laurie's earthly body again. What an unbelievable, surreal, fucked up moment.

Why Laurie?


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