Saturday, February 19, 2005

This will be the saddest, most pathetic thing you'll ever read

If you dont appreciate hearing about other people's dreams, and I wouldn't blame you, perhaps this won't be the most interesting thing you read all day. For others of you, maybe my pitiful little story will bring some entertainment into your life. Be warned, it contains some dark stuff and some junior high fantasies. Nevertheless, here it is.

In an unplanned, post-work, early evening nap tonight I fell into a deep sleep and began dreaming. This was definitely one of the stranger dreams I've had in a while and there's probably a ton of symbolism. And on top of that, it felt 100% real.

I dreamed that I was friends with Nick and Jessica...and I had a few benefits to being friends with Jessica. Basically, I was kissing her and Nick didn't care because he knew it didn't mean anything. As if Nick is so eternally cool that he'd let another guy kiss his wife. Actually, I think I remember him treating it as a charity case. Like 'poor Drew, he doesn't have much....'

So basically while Nick is playing baseball with his brother and other guys, I'm making out with Jessica. But I remember thinking it was just as cool to be friends with them as it was to lock lips with Ms. Simpson. Here's where it gets really sad. It was such a happy time that I actually pinched myself in the dream to verify that what was happening was real. And when I didn't wake up, I knew it was real. How sad is that?

Now, here's an oddly dark and unrelated twist. I'm fearful of what this symbolism could mean. At the place where Nick, Jessica, and I were, there had been a mass death of people and several bodies were covered up in a room with police patrolling the area. Smelling salts were being distributed because the odor in the room with the bodies was so overpowering. As if smelling salts would help that. So for some reason, this was all going on in the meantime.

But anyway, we'd go out and I'd have some P.D.A. with Jessica. Apparently, going out and holding hands with one-half of the most famous couple in America didn't seem to bother me. If Nick was cool with it, who am I to argue?

So I'm really excited because I felt like all of this is real and I pinched myself so it's a done deal right? Guilt-free make outs with Jessica Simpson, friendship with Nick Lachey, what more could I ask for? Though I didnt get as much Nick time as I would have liked.

Then I woke up. Snap back to reality. It was one of the more painful and disappointing moments of realization that I've had in a while. Come on! That's bush league! I pinched myself! How could it still have been a dream!? Unbelievable!!

So, now I inevitably have that post-dream infatuation with Jessica Simpson. You know what I mean right? You dream about kissing someone, famous or not, and then you're in love with them for the rest of that day. I've got that going on right now with Jess. I call her Jess now since we have a history. I think I've dreamed about her once before, but never this real!

Actually, while I'm making public confessions, I have another that relates to her. This really is real, and it's probably even more sad than the dream. When Nick and Jessica broke up, before they were ever engaged, I'm pretty sure I wrote Jessica an e-mail. This was probably 4 years ago or thereabouts so my memory might not be too sharp about it. But I think I remember her saying it was really important to her that a guy have a relationship with God. I fit that profile! Why not give it a shot?

So yes Nick, I moved in for the kill while you were out of the picture for 5 months.

That's my odd story. Feel free to mock at will.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i seriously laughed out loud when i read that..trying to figure out the weird. maybe the dead body part was you really playing jack bauer in 24..but making out with jessica hahahaha. i'm mad at you for calling me @ 12 am. i was in this deep sleep and i heard my phone ringing in my dream..and finally i woke up and was like screw drew. lol..oh well..i'm not really mad @ you ..only you would call to talk @ 12 am. i'm glad you had wonderful fantasies about jessica..may there be many more to come(about jessica simpson that is.) ;-)

February 19, 2005 9:33 AM  

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