Tuesday, January 25, 2005

how do you vent?

yesterday (january 24) was not a particularly great day for me. i wont go into the reasons why...just know that it sucked. so i'm wondering what you do when things take a turn for the shitty...

do you call someone?
do you listen to music?
do you swear?
do you pray?
do you swear while you pray?
do you break stuff?
do you watch something to make you laugh?
do you eat comfort food?
do you get away and try to be alone?

what do you do when you're having a piss poor day?

i like to play eminem as loudly as possible. blaring rage against the machine doesnt hurt. dmx has some good venting songs. if i'm with people i'll start verbally venting right there. i've also been known to pop in the '25th hour' dvd and skip right to the 'f--- you' montage. these may not be the healthiest reactions, but it's what i do.

how do you handle it?


Blogger tory dolan said...

I would be in the same boat as you... I like to pop in a little Rage myself, maybe some Beasties (which isn't "angry" but has a slew of cusssing), or possibly some angry girl music or (gasp) Linkin Park. If it's more saddness than anger, I'll stick in some good "I'm sad" music like Sigur Ros or Counting Crows. I am also a verbal venter at times... But mostly when I'm upset about something, I take it out on the piano. I love to play piano and it's a great thing for me to do while mulling over things in my head...Writing hate letters work too...hehehe...

January 28, 2005 12:13 AM  

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