Sunday, December 26, 2004

songs you love by artists you hate...

a little holiday shopping spree on itunes made me think of how many artists i hate that release songs that i love. my itunes library is full of them. because once in a while, a really crappy artist can make a really great song. or the song can still be crappy, but you just can't hate it.

here's a sample of what i'm talking about...

'gone' *nsync
'everytime' britney
'i want it that way' backstreet boys
'girl on tv' LFO
'my immortal' evanescence
'hero' enrique iglesias (yes, megan, i said it!)
'oh yeah!' foxy brown
'only begotten son' ja rule
'baby i love you' j. lo
'busa rhyme' missy elliot (feat. eminem, may be why i like it)
'i turn to you' christina aguilera

that's just a handful. i realize some are much more obscure than others but the point is that those artists have actually produced moments where they didn't release flaming piles of crap. feel free to add your own.

and if you're thinking this was only an excuse to put a picture of britney on my may be on to something.


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