Friday, December 31, 2004

my favorite things of 2004

i love these men

i can't believe we are already in the final hours of 2004. where has the time gone, my babies? 2005 has ascended upon us like a red-tailed hawk on its unsuspecting prey. if you care to journey to entertainment weekly's website you'll find steven king commenting on the best and worst of this year. since most of what i do on this site is criticize and tear down, i thought i should end the year on a positive note. so here's a quick list of my 10 favorite things of 2004...

frat pack films the releases of 'starsky and hutch', 'dodgeball', and 'anchorman' brought copious amounts of joy to my being. for those not in the know, 'the frat pack' is the nickname given to the group of comedic actors that include ben stiller, owen wilson, will ferrell, vince vaughn, luke wilson, and to an extent jason bateman. i'm a salivating dog and i want more of what they give me.

end of the election around this time last year i remember thinking 'how am i gonna go through a whole year of looking at john kerry?' i'm not saying that because of his politics, but because his skins droops off of his skull. anyway, it was easier than i anticipated. but after months of division and name calling and finger pointing i was happy that it FINALLY ended. and with results that pleased me.

conan gets 'tonight show' gig the love of my life? in a way, yes. i had always wondered how he would run things if he had 'the tonight show' spot. when i'm 27 years old, i'll find out.

red sox win series since my beloved cubbies choked during the last week of the season i felt full allegiance to the boston red sox heading into october. as they found themselves trailing the yankees 3-0 in the best of 7 ALCS i found myself staring at the nauseating possibility of a cardinals/yankees world series. but the red sox (the only sox as far as i'm concerned) stormed back and took the next four games, completing a come back of biblical proportions. they went on to swe--ohh it still feels good to say it--sweep the cardinals in the world series. curse shmurse.

halo 2 this one almost doesn't need to be addressed. the game that every two-balled man in america was waiting for finally came out in early november. it's amazing that a simple disc can evoke such joy, such emotions, and such profanity. wonderfulness is how i would categorize it.

boers and bernstein featuring me i've had the chance to listen to a lot more boers and bernstein this year because of my job. my two favorite moments of the year were 1) my e-mail being read on the air and 2) dan bernstein going off about an article that was written in the chicago tribune glorifying iowa university basketball player pierre pierce who was accused of sexual assault a while back. bernsie was more passionate and more animated than i had ever heard him before, absolutely furious that the tribune's writer would go so far as to say pierce 'survived' an assault charge and including quotes like 'the easiest decision for pierce would have been to say goodbye to iowa'. bernsie yelled 'what about the VICTIM?! how's SHE doin????'. you probably had to hear it to fully appreciate it. its just good radio.

steroids and baseball although this has brought a lot of ugliness to the game, it seems as though there will be a major crackdown on 'performance enhancing drugs'. it will start to look like human beings playing baseball again rather than mutants brandishing wooden bats. but be sure to catch the new reality show 'Mutants Brandishing Wooden Bats' next fall on Fox.

11 cubs games though the season was a disappoinment, i got to witness a lot of that disappoinment in person. it was a blast going to so many games in 04, and i'm hoping to make it out to NY to see the cubs visit yankee stadium next june. hopefully carlos beltran will be wearing cubbie blue instead of yankee pinstripes.

hippin' and the hoppin' kanye broke through, jay-z walked away, and eminem...released a pretty good album, but hip hop as an artform had a good year. hopefully, artists will stick to creating better music rather than starting rivalries with each other. 50, that means YOU.

olympic fever there were so many compelling storylines at this years summer games that i'm waiting for the 2006 games in torino, italy with even greater anticipation. possibly my favorite part of the games was the total domination of the women's softball team who outscored their opponents 51-1 en route to a third straight gold medal. makes up a little bit for the pathetic play of the men's basketball team. yeeesh.

well thats it. if you read all that, you need to be more productive with your time.


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