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Friday, October 24, 2008

i started a new blog but didn't post it on here.

e-mail me if you'd like the address.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nerd Fight!

(from Yahoo! News)

Disgruntled scientists renewed their vows this week to call Pluto a planet despite an international governing body's latest ruling to reclassify the tiny world.

On Wednesday, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) declared that Pluto will henceforth be known as a "plutoid," a new class of objects that has two members (the other being Eris, a small body beyond Pluto). The IAU, considered in charge of naming celestial objects, has been around since 1919. It demoted Pluto to "dwarf planet" status in 2006.

The latest decision was announced by email to the press, and it took researchers by surprise. Even IAU members and astronomers who discovered Eris and other objects that might eventually be called plutoids were not consulted or informed.

That's left many scientists peeved that the IAU developed the new term and its definition behind closed doors. They accuse the IAU of being secretive, out of touch and of failing to consider basic physical characteristics that researchers use to define planets.

"The derision for this group [the IAU] is now spreading virally," said Alan Stern, former assistant administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA and lead investigator for the New Horizons mission to Pluto.

Stern has also hinted that a rival group to the IAU might be formed. When asked about this possibility, he said: "There is a disturbance in the force. Enough said."

Friday, June 06, 2008

I think it's great that we finally have a candidate in Barack Obama that a lot of people feel genuinely excited about.

It's easy to see why. He's a compelling speaker delivering a compelling message to a country that abhors its current president.

But I'm a little uncomfortable with how many people are obsessed with Barack Obama without REALLY knowing why they're obsessed with Barack Obama.

If the election were held tomorrow I would vote for Obama because I think he's damn smart. Not because it's trendy and not because he's the polar opposite of W. I see a lot a lot of people who have never had a social or political thought in their lives thumping their chests and sending me "Yes, We Can" or "Stop Hillary" links. And I wonder how many of those people really know much about Obama's voting record or beliefs. Sometimes I make fun of Obama supporters because they're so swept up in idealism and forget that they have a functioning brain that allows them to take a hard look at the world.

I'm not voting for Obama because he's charming and makes me feel warm inside. I'm not voting for him because Scarlett Johansson wants me to. I'm going to vote for him because I think he would be a good leader and, again, I think he's damn smart.

So this is my plea to voters (especially the young ones)...

Be informed. Do some critical thinking. Look at Obama objectively.

Vote for the right reasons.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I have finished my schooling at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting and am now in a holding pattern. I'm looking for jobs. Video and television moreso than radio. 

This is the hard part.

I want life to keep moving forward and I hate feeling like it's stagnant. 

So that's where I am. Needing money. Needing a real job.

I sound like Bob Wylie. "I neeeed! I neeeed!"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I have baseball things to say!

> If you're a Cubs fan and regularly watch the games, I hope you appreciate how good of a color commentator you have in Bob Brenly. I understand Steve Stone will always have a place in the hearts of Cubs fans and rightly so. But if you're paying attention to the games and not just casually watching, you can learn a lot about baseball from Brenly. He's a terrific color commentator. Appreciate him. Please.

> Almost everything about White Sox culture annoys me. Specifically...

  • Sox broadcasters whining about umpires. I was watching the Sox losing last night and Hawk Harrelson said "I wish we could blame the umpires but the umpiring has been consistent." I think it is RARELY justified to attribute a loss to bad umpiring. And most of the time it just makes you sound like a loser.
  • The Cubs obsession is ridiculous and it reaches from the fans to the manager. It's petty and sad. And I find it a little more annoying when it comes from casual Sox fans who can't name 5 players in the starting lineup.
  • Hawk Harrelson. 
> I recently heard a caller to The Score say he wanted to get rid of the Sox sluggers because they ground into too many double plays. That's one of the most idiotic reasons to trade a player.

You look at the top 20 players for grounding into double plays last year and you see names like Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez, Matt Holliday. Those are outstanding hitters. 

You look at the top 3 players ALL TIME who have grounded into the most double plays...Cal Ripken Jr, Hank Aaron, Carl Yastrzemzski. All first ballot Hall of Famers.

That's all for now. 

Monday, May 05, 2008


There is an intelligent basketball coach who continues making the same confounding decision over and over again.

He gives valuable playing time to a player that continues to disappoint, frustrate, and torpedo his team. The coach is familiar with his player so there are no real surprises, but he holds out hope that one day all of his patience will pay off and his player will flourish.

Sometimes the coach gets so fed up with his player's mistakes and poor performance that he decides to take him out of the game because he's better off without him on the court. It's never an easy decision but most of the time his flaws far outweigh his positives.

Suddenly the coach has found a new player. The sense of familiarity is not there, but the new player shows great promise and the coach is impressed with the way he's performing. He makes good decisions on the court and gains the coach's trust rather quickly. It seems to be a good fit.

However the promising new player is not perfect. No player is. He makes a few mistakes that are more reflective of not knowing the coach's system than it is the player's abilities. But the coach quickly decides he needs to make a change, ignoring all the good things he saw from his new player, and sits him down.

Much to the fans' chagrin, he puts the other player back in. They know it's only a matter of time before he makes another mistake and hurts the team, but the coach is willing to give it another shot.

The fans wonder why. They wonder why the coach makes the same decision over and over again with the same negative results. There must be something the coach sees that no one else does. He must have a reason. He has to.

So the loyal fans continue to watch, hoping that the better player will get enough playing time to prove that he belongs. They hope. But the coach seems resigned to sticking with the original player despite the anxiety and heartache he seems to bring. The coach holds out hope.

Maybe he'll suddenly turn it around. Maybe he'll just stop being the player he's shown that he is. Maybe his track record really doesn't mean all that much.

Or maybe it's time for the coach to make the hard decision.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

deleted scenes

you know what's funny? or maybe 'weird' is more accurate. i've probably written about 3-4 full posts over the last week that i never published for you to read.

why didn't i publish them? because i got about 95% done writing them and decided i didn't like them anymore. and then i thought about the filmmaking process and how they spend a ton of money shooting material that will ultimately never be used in the final cut. but we usually end up seeing them on the dvd anyway.

i'm glad there are no bonus features on this blog where you can click and read the stuff that i've deleted.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Unstoppable Force

I've known for a while that Hannah Montana and High School Musical were crazy popular. As a Disney cast member, I'm regularly exposed to the deity-like status that these names command.

But when I learned that other cast members and myself were traveling to Chicago's West Side to talk to students about exercise and the major food groups, I was pretty skeptical. I expected them to want Jay-Z. Or the WGCI team.

Then our DJ asked the kids "who here likes Hannah Montana?!?" and I swear they went just as crazy as any white-ass suburban school that I've seen. They sscccrrrrrreeeeaaammmmed. Same with High School Musical. I have an entirely new perspective for how big these things are.

Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Bridging the racial divide. For Channel 4 news, I'm Maurice DuBois.

Monday, March 31, 2008

my first cubs game

this picture wasn't from my first game, but it was from the '89 season. that's joe girardi. he manages the yankees now. ever heard of them?

the first cubs game i ever attended was on july 20, 1989. it was my mom, dad, sister, grandma, and grandpa. and it was a well orchestrated surprise.

the six of us were headed downtown and we took the el. i was 7 years old so i didn't really know what was going on. i just followed the grown ups like a good boy.

as we approached the addison street stop i heard the conductor make an announcement that included the words "wrigley field". i remember freaking out. but NOT because i thought we were going to the game. oh no...i was asking my mom if we could just SEE wrigley field. all i wanted was to look at the place where the chicago cubs--the team i'd loved for about 2 years at that time--played their games.

my mom played along and said "hmmm...i dont know. ask grandma." i pleaded with my grandma. the thought of seeing wrigley was too good to pass up. i remember her smiling but i don't recall her actual words.

and then my mom broke the news. WE'RE GOING TO THE GAME. i couldn't believe it. we were actually going to see the cubs play in person. right now.

i'm pretty sure i floated from the train station to my seat inside wrigley. it was all too good to be true.

the game itself, which you can read about here, was not good for the first 8 innings. the cubs were behind 3 runs and it was a rather cool evening with howling winds and plastic bags hovering about 'american beauty' style.

my mom has since confessed that she was begging God for the cubs to come back and win the game. otherwise it would have been a cold, windy cubs loss.

they rallied to score 3 runs in the 9th inning. and then les lancaster (a pitcher, mind you) came through with a 2-out game winning double in the bottom of the 11th inning to score curtis wilkerson alllllll the way from first base.

it was probably the best possible first game experience i could have had.
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